Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that allows for infinite terrain and almost endless building. You've probably seen or played it before. Why wouldn't you have? it famous for its mostly cringy Minecraft music videos. I first started playing it on mobile, and gradually moved to console. I felt the transition was smooth and I picked up the new controls quickly. It was even better on console too. 

One thing that's great about this game is the generated terrain, that is created every chunk you travel. Old chunks are saved, so the world can get pretty big.  This is the only game in which I've marveled at the digital landscape. Find a pet dog or bird, and travel off into the sunset, and you'll wish this game was real. Until you get blown up by a suicide bomb creeper. All the monsters in this game are creative and they never cease to jump scare me and give me a heart attack. I give this game an 'A' for "Apparently it cant get old."